Peepz Pricing

All Bookings $125

Happy Birthday Package

Includes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign + Name + 10 flairs

Graduation Package

Includes: Grad Theme + Name + 8-12 flairs

Happy Anniversary Package

Includes: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY sign + # of years + 8-12 flairs

Welcome Baby Peepz

Includes: WELCOME BABY sign + name + 8-12 flair

Custom Greeting Package

Includes: YOUR CUSTOM GREETING (up to 25 characters) + 10-15 flairs. Examples: YOU ROCK, #NEWDRIVER, OVER THE HILL, and many more!

Flamingo Flocking $50

This is like the adult version, and way cleaner way of toilet papering your friends house!!! We go out and place flamingos all over in the front yard! They will be guessing who sent them!

Schools, Organizations, and Business

Please contact us for pricing based on your needs!